NaPoWriMo 1/30

Picture of draft #1, as I sit in a bar, trying to process and write a paper.

Notes: this year I'm playing NaPoWriMo as I can. You may get pictures, full-fledged posts, baby duckling posts, willow branch posts. Some iteration of activity. There are thoughts of things that may lead to a fully formed project, but there are also things that real life forces. If you're up for it follow along. Gentle with ourselves this NaPoWriMo, ya'll.


envelope collab

Thanks to all of you for reading this month. Half-way through, I finally began to have a succinct purpose with envelope poems. There was a new purpose to my writing with these, and festering ideas throughout the days. 

Tonight, an artist friend and I, together, decided to use the idea of the envelope as a joint medium to begin a collaboration project. We plan to respond to each other's work, to work with one another's work, with envelopes (all sorts) as the foundation for this project.

I'm ignited with the possibilities that this presents, and happy to begin a new collaborative writing/artistic journey. 

Thank you NaPoWriMo, thank you envelopes, thank you lovelies. 


there is a rhythm to this daily trek. an opening to the spring beneath the surface. there are moments to savor. the contrast of morning route (hair wet, and occasionally freezing, still; flung scarf, knitted with love; ear-buds to continue the wake-up ritual, or perhaps maintain the dreams?) to evening (coat across arm; hair flying to the wind; plotting nighttime perspectives, or delinquencies; knowing the cats will be waiting at the door).

there is a calming to this space, shortened by time, elongated by night. let's join in the calming. let's join in the breathing. let's keep the journey open